Thursday, 15 September 2011

Too busy for Social Media Suicide!

Being busy is a good thing isn't it?
I have been really busy on various projects over the last few months which has really seen the demise of this blog. However, I am all too aware that if you aren't keeping up to speed with social media, then you are not keeping on top of networking, marketing and all the other gubins that go along with maintaining a healthy informative website.

While being busy is a good thing, it is only ever the fruit of hard work in marketing and social media information. It's catch 22...invest lots of time in marketing and keeping people informed on what you are doing and then reap the benefits from work prospects...but as soon as you start to neglect the social media side, you possibly find a drop in future work. (fortunately this has not happened yet and work is good, but I need to be aware that by neglecting SM, I am inviting a lull in work and that is social media suicide)'s time for me to remember the old saying, 'out of site, out of mind'!

So with that said, I am going to make a more active attempt to keep up to speed on my work and also keep up to speed on reporting latest news...starting with updating the website and adding the latest videos.