Monday, 25 January 2010

THE VISUAL STORY - See your film before shooting it!

Recently I have been asked a few times if I an recommend any good books to read for someone who is trying to understand film or get a better grasp of putting a film together.

My reply is usually that you NEED to read Bruce Block's THE VISUAL STORY. This book is very widely read in industry and it perfectly explains the relationship between visual structure and story structure.

It is a book that will help cinematographers, production designers, screen writers and directors at all levels gain a better understanding between the visual structure on screen and the story structure on paper.

This book helps to bring together both the theory and the practice into an easily assimilated context. It breaks down all of the components that go into making each shot. Then it explains how to control each of those components in order to obtain the shot you require and ultimately achieve the desired effect on the viewer.

It is a fantastically well crafted book that adopts a user friendly vocabulary to develop and encourage aspiring film makers of all levels. It is fully recommended as a must read book to anyone who is serious about film making.

"Bruce Block has a unique knowledge and understanding of the visual structure of film. The Visual Story is the only book of its kind. it will teach you to become a better storyteller through the use of visuals."
- Nancy Meyers, Director of "Something's Gotta Give" and "The Holiday"

"Bruce Block's work gives the visual storyteller a framework for making story-driven decisions, not just visual choices. It gives the filmmaker tools to create harmony and counterpoint between the story structure and its visual realization on the screen."
-Randy Nelson, Dean of Pixar University, Pixar Animation Studios

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Light Rain To Be Broadcast

I have recently been approached by the Community Channel to broadcast 'Light Rain' on their cable and Sky TV channels.

The film will now feature as part of their cancer awareness programming that will begin later this month.

Light Rain will be available for viewing on the following channels - The Community Channel on Sky 539 , Virgin TV 233 and Freeview 87 (Freeview only available from 6am to 9am). It will also be available to watch online at

I think it is a great honour to even be considered for something as worthwhile as raising cancer awareness and I am very pleased to be part of it. I must say a big thank you to Garry Merry for helping with the whole process, I am very grateful!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Imageynation Signs with Moretti


I have the great pleasure to annonce that Imageynation has signed a one year deal with The Moretti Agency.

Moretti have over 20 years experience in production and have offfered a full stills production service to advertising agencies, fashion houses, photographers and agents both in the UK and overseas.

The Moretti agency represents a unique roster of commercial photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists...and now they will be the official agent for Imageynation, offering a full set of CGI, photo retouching and full photo compositing.

Together with Moretti, Imageynation will now be working with clients on a global scale.
For more information about Moretti, you can visit their website at
or alternatively you can visit my production company at  (new site coming soon)